Another Day on the Road

What fun we have had today!  We started at Newport's marina.  Then we drove to Eugene with a nice stop at Cape Perpetua to check out Thor's Well and the Spouting Horn. Throw in a lighthouse . . . Sound exciting? See below.

I was really drawn to the small boat with the red windows. 



Our stop at Cape Perpetua proved to be more challenging or disappointing than we had hoped for.  Thor's Well is a big item in all the 'must stop and photograph' lists. When tides are high or there is a storm, water is forced up through a hole in the lava rock, much like a geyser.  It then drains back into the hole.  We were there at high tide.  The activity was not at all geyser-like.  We had seen photos of Thor's Well and now that we have been there we know that the photographers went way beyond the fence and sign indicating danger!!


Shot on Nikon D800 and processed in Final Cut.

Also on Cape Perpetua there is a spouting horn.  As you watch the video, imagine trying to capture all of that with a still photograph.  It appears that there must be some construction behind the spout.  The video has been edited so you don't have to wait so long for the next 'big event'.

Shot on Nikon D800 and processed in Final Cut.

On the way back from Eugene we pulled over to shoot the Heceta Head Lighthouse.

Finally, what would a photography trip along the coast be worth without a gull picture?  Not much.  Cute knobby knees!

Tom has new filters and I have a new tripod.  Tomorrow we head south along the coast.

Hope your weekend is shaping up just as you want.