Rim in the Sun

The Mogollon Rim was worth another trip. This time there were five of us and you will see our efforts represented below.  Man, this was one helluva fun trip!! Go get something to drink and munch on.  This is a long one!

We started the day with a stop at a small pullout along the Fish Hatchery Road.  This point is above the trailhead for Horton Creek and if you did not know it was there you would miss it.  You can hear the waterfall as soon as you get out of the car.  A very short, but rather steep, hike from the edge of the road to the creek is all it takes. The waterfall is not an Oregon/Washington style waterfall. Nonetheless, we treated it like royalty and as a very good excuse to try out ND filters, camera settings, challenging compositions, etc.

That top rock grabbed my attention.  One wonders how such things are created.

Da Boyz

Interesting compositions getting harder.  Time to get really low!

Well, if not low how about in?  This is a favorite. Thanks Rick.

Nuff of waterfalls.  Off we took for the Rim Road.

As I stood across from this ledge, fascinated by the slit, it occurred to me that I had not really checked out the ledge I was standing on!  After the click I scampered to more solid ground!

One nice thing about the Rim Road is the expansive view.  However, once you tire of dangerous ledges, it is nice to find magic below your feet, in crevices and on the forest floor.

BT Rim 2 6.06.17 PM.jpg

Getting a bit artsy fartsy as Kati would say.  Love this image.

Next up is Wood's Canyon Lake.  Not very many folks there on a Wednesday.  I think the squirrels outnumber the fishermen and photographers.

People are all gone and the canoes neatly stacked.

Mentioned squirrels.  For birders, however, these lakes are a real photo opportunity. We saw blue jays and fishing birds that I cannot identify.  We saw eagles.  The eagles seem to prefer to perch on the branches of tall standing dead trees on the opposite side of the lake.  With long glass you could probably get some really good shots.  We saw birds diving for fish and getting them!  My glass won't get me there and none of us were prepared for the fishing!  If you want to get some great eagle shots, head up to the rim lakes, take a chair, sit lakeside and wait patiently.

Exchange the tackle box for your camera gear and you are set.  This one is for my mom.

Off to Willow Springs Lake.  Each lake is different and each worth your exploration.

Rick is giving you a clue of the trees that these fishing birds and the eagles like to sit in.

So, here is my fun story from this trip.  Lots of folks want to spend photo opportunity time with Tom.  I suspect they hope to learn from him about composition, being more creative, and seeing a photo opportunity in a different way.  Tom does not shoot what we call (in our little studio) the pedestrian postcard.  I get to shoot with Tom a great deal (hahahahaha as I cannot keep up with him)!  The shot below is just all too familiar (anyone who follows this blog might think of pond scum at this point in my story).  What is he doing?!!?!!

Then, he sends me his photos to post.  "What is this?", I inquire.  He smiles.  Yes, we are having fun!  Lots of it. Just know that these two photos are not related. Also know that he never ceases to amaze me!

Do you know what this is?  If so, drop me a note.

Whew!  If you are still with me you are a trooper like us.  We finished the day off by having dinner in Payson at El Rancho.  Then the long trek home.  I want to thank Rick, Barbara and Nancy for joining us in what some might call photo-folly.

Next up is probably Prescott this Saturday, unless I can talk Tom into shooting tomorrow.  So very much appreciate your joining us on these trips.