Wrapping Up Tom's Trip

With a week to cull, edit, sort and decide . . . here are some final images from Tom's trip to Palouse and back.

TD Palouse Wrap Up 1.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 2.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 3.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 4.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 6.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 7.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 8.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 9.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 10.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 11.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 12.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 13.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 14.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 15.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 16.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 17.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 18 (1).jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 19.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 20.jpg
TD Palouse Wrap Up 21.jpg

Tom enjoyed havinng you along and sharing his 'finds'. We are both looking forward to shooting together on our next trip.

Have a great weekend.

Last of Palouse

Tom winds up his stay in the Palouse area. Here are some images that we have not seen before.









And perhaps my favorite so far . . . well, maybe a co-favorite!

He has enjoyed your comments. When Tom returns home he will get to the many photos he has not even processed yet. My hope is that he creates a gallery of his final selects on his website. When he does we will let you know.

Tom is in Portland today with the Japanese Gardens as his choice of shooting location. I am looking forward to the photos.

Have a great day!

Day in Paradise (Palouse)

Wouldn't you just love to be a fly on Tom's shoulder as he shoots the day away? He was excited when I spoke to him early in the day. "We have these nice clouds. Gotta go!"

Day Three in Palouse 1.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 3.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 4.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 5.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 6.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 7.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 9.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 10.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 11.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 13.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 12.jpg

Tom threw me a curve!

Day Three in Palouse 14.jpg

One of many things that makes Palouse so much fun to shoot is the constantly changing light and reflections from the rolling hills.  Add a bit of color, curves, clouds and a creative photographer and you end up with some very nice images.

Day Three in Palouse 15.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 8.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 2.jpg

When you see photos of Palouse you often see this vibrant yellow. Those are the canola fields. Tom had to ask around (what better than a farm supply store) where the canola fields were this year. "Well, there are some up towards Palouse Falls." Tom said it is six feet tall.

Day Three in Palouse 17.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 18.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 19.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 16.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 20.jpg
Day Three in Palouse 21.jpg

Tom is headed towards Portland this morning. There is a Japanese Garden there that he wants to check out. But, it may take him a day to get to Portland and we will have interesting photos of his meanderings.

I am going to check out Canyon de Chelly again and then head to Arches. Life is very good. Thanks for coming along with us. You are dear friends and if you get a feeling that I am checking in with you, "Wonder how Jon, Rick, Phyllis, Kati, Susan, Karen . . . . would shoot this?"  You would be correct.