Three Guys and a Mountain

Steve, Greg and Tom decided to check out the sunset . . . but waaaaay out at the Superstition Mountains.  Sky Fire, my sunset app suggested there might be some color, but mostly to the south of the area.  They were not daunted.  Am glad they went and here are their best to share.

BTA Reunion

Tom and I really wanted to get together with our black nose tribe (code for photographers) while in Phoenix.  Greg suggested we meet at Boyce Thompson Arboretum, not because he really wanted to photograph that wonderful venue, but because he wanted to go into Superior afterwards for a hamburger at Porter's Cafe! There were 11 black noses and a couple of us spent more time chatting and catching up than taking photographs! Steve had not been to BTA before and was impressed by the variety of cactus.  Ann took off to hike the Arboretum's high path.  We had lunch at Porter's and then some folks walked down Main Street in Superior and took a few more photographs.  Here are the images sent to share.

Ah, it appears Steve made it to the upper path as well.

I have no idea what the blue object is but it caught the attention of two photographers.

We all love Porter's Cafe and were happy they could handle our large group, even if it meant eating outside.

The bar at Porter's.

Yep, this place goes back in time . . .

This door leads you into the restaurant from the patio.  S&H Green Stamps?  Remember those?

Greg and Ann wandered into an art gallery after lunch. They ended up having a 20 minute conversation with the grandson of A J Bayless, of grocery store fame.  He owns a large ranch south of Superior.  He and others are working hard to eventually turn Superior into a major tourist destination.

Superior is still a mining town.

Love the idea.  Love the design.  Love that John noticed.

This looks like a photo taken on the way home, looking across the desert towards the north.

A special thanks to my black nosed friends for sharing the day and their images.

Monument Valley

Tom returned to Monument Valley on his way to see me in Albuquerque. I think this is his third time photographing the area and each time it just gets better.  These are early morning shots.  I have never been there and am looking forward to him taking me now that he has all the good sites, times and lighting scoped out.

We hope you enjoyed these shots.  Perhaps they have inspired you to take a trip to Monument Valley.