Zabriskie Point Revisited

My blog post of our first visit to Zabriskie Point mentioned 'flat light'.  I was disappointed in not getting the bright golden light needed to get the best demonstration of the fascinating rocks that make this site such an iconic point of interest in Death Valley.  Tom and I decided to give it another try.  We used The Photographers' Ephemeris to pick a morning where the light was forecast to be more interesting.  In addition to a different light, I wanted to try out my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens that had just been returned to me by Tamron.  The lens would not focus properly right out of the box!  So you will see some really nice close up photographs not usually posted for Zabriskie.  Our choice meant we had a long three hour drive to get there before sunrise and catch whatever Mother Nature would give us.  We hope you enjoy the effort!

Zabriskie 2 TD-1.jpg
Zabriskie Point-37.jpg
Zabriskie Point-38.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-2.jpg
Zabriskie Point-45.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-5.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-6.jpg
Zabriskie Point-47.jpg
Zabriskie Point-48.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-7.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-8.jpg
Zabriskie Point-46.jpg
Zabriskie Point-50.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-9.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-10.jpg
Zabriskie Point-55.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-11.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-12.jpg
Zabriskie Point-57.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-13.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-14.jpg
Zabriskie Point-59.jpg
Zabriskie Point-60.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-18.jpg
Zabriskie Point-61.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-21.jpg
Zabriskie Point-63.jpg
Zabriskie Point-69.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-24.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-25.jpg
Zabriskie Point-75.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-26.jpg
Zabriskie Point-78.jpg
Zabriskie 2 TD-27.jpg