Enchanted Pumpkin Gardens

Rick and Barbara took Barbara's cousins to the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Gardens exhibit the weekend before Halloween.  Several master pumpkin carvers were there, including Ray Villafane who is considered my many to be one of the best.  The exhibit featured a number of his carvings on display throughout the garden.  I hope you smile as much as I did as I created this post!

Todd Pumpkins-10.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-20.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-3.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-6.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-18.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-19.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-8.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-14.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-7.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-17.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-5.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-22.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-21.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-4.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-1.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-13.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-12.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-11.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-16.jpg
Todd Pumpkins-9.jpg