Kati Heads North Again

Kati just loves fall and winter in northern Arizona.  She sent these images as the best of her autumn colors of a photo-trip taken several weeks ago along Hart's Prairie Road and Aspen Corner.  The sunset was captured from a lookout not far south of Flagstaff heading home on I-17.  Several of the macro photographs had Kati on her belly!!!  She was looking for that special bokeh that Christopher O'Donnell gets at 24mm. I have tried doing that.  Not easy!!  Good job Kati.

I would find it hard to move from this spot.

I would find it hard to move from this spot.

Katalin N AZ-7.jpg
Katalin N AZ-14.jpg
Katalin N AZ-12.jpg
Katalin N AZ-11.jpg
Katalin N AZ-15.jpg
Chris O'Donnell would approve!

Chris O'Donnell would approve!

Katalin N AZ-1.jpg
Katalin N AZ-8.jpg
Katalin N AZ-10.jpg
Katalin N AZ-9.jpg
Katalin N AZ-3.jpg
Katalin N AZ-13.jpg
Katalin N AZ-5.jpg
Katalin N AZ-16.jpg
Good night!

Good night!