Big Bear Lake

Rick sent me a few photos with the following message so I could share them with everyone: "Just got back from a few days at Big Bear Lake, CA and thought I'd share a few images. While we were there we took in the Old Miners Annual Parade. Included is a shot of the village area down town. During the parade there were a few interesting characters. First was an old soldier dressed in current battlefield gear. Look at his face to see his age. More interesting was the old photographer. Turns out he really is a town photographer and runs a photo studio specializing in the old time sepia portraits. A couple more of the Bear Lake dam area and the costal marine fog taken on our way down the mountain this morning.’  I called him up and asked, "Where are the rest?"  Talked him and Barbara into sharing some more with all of us.

Marine layer in the valley.

Small town USA parade.  Gotta love them.

Had a good laugh with this one!

What gorgeous horses.

Wow!  Talk about capturing character and personality.  Only problem is he is using a Canon!!

I have never been able to capture bubbles like that. 

Not an easy capture either.  Great bokeh.

Thanks very much to Rick and Barbara.  You gave us some very different views, including some really interesting characters.