Concours d'Elegance Part II

The fun continues!

An arriving Bugatti.

A gorgeous Tom Stumper!!

A Deusenberg Roadster.  Can't you just see Clark Gable driving this?

A Delahaye Roadster with full skirted fenders and adjustable windshield height.

A Deusenberg sedan.

A top of the line Packard sedan.

A Bizzarrini race car.

This is a streamlined Delahaye roadster with a body by Chabron.

This is a Cadillac powered HWM built in 1954, raced in England and New Zealand up until 1970.

There are Delahayes with Chabron bodies all lined up.

A Chabron bodied Delahaye.

This is one of the featured marques this year, a Lamborghini Miura.

Front detail of a Lamborghini Miura.  This model is considered the first supercar in the sports car world and the most beautiful by many design experts.

A Chabron bodied Delage.

A two seat Indy 500 race car.

This is a Horch, a Mercedes competitor.

A racing Ferrari.

A 1967 Lamborghini Miura.

Another two seat Indy 500 race car.  This one had a 16 cylinder engine.

A Chabron bodied Delahaye parked in the awards line!

Detail showing how long a Horch hood really is.

It's a Stutz!!  (You knew that, right?)

A rainbow car!  Well, it really is a Ford GT 40.

This is a Lister race car (British).

Engine from car above.

A concept Bugatti.

Cute rear end of car above.

Infiniti concept car.