Monterey Wharf

The Monterey Fisherman's Wharf was the perfect break from the intensity of photographing cars.  Well, sort of!

What happens when we stand just feet apart and photograph a scene!

The wharf has a bit of carnival to it.

The wharf has a bit of carnival to it.

Man, the water was so clear



Well, maybe not.

After an hour of trying, I finally found this place on the second pier.  I walked out with a whole fresh ling cod, halibut cheeks, scallops and fresh ahi tuna!  I have fallen in love with halibut cheeks!!!  Better than sea bass!!!

While I shopped for fish, Tom was not a bored boy.  This crew showed up on the pier and Tom found a way to tell a story.  I asked him that since they were in his images was he in theirs.  "Probably."  Bet they will just Photoshop him out.

The trips to the wharf was an excellent idea.  We have dined well the last two nights!