17 Mile Drive

This is the iconic scenic drive on the Monterey Peninsula.  It is even advertised as being the 'most' scenic drive in the world!!!  Hmmm . . . . I am thinking that it is not quite that but a great drive nonetheless.  The 17 Mile Drive winds through private residential streets, resorts and golf courses.  You are never too far away from the ocean and some form of beach.  There are a number of specific pull-out parking areas with names like 'Huckleberry Hill', 'Spanish Bay', 'Restless Sea' and 'Bird Rock'.  The most important stop is at the Lone Cypress site, one of California's most treasured landmarks.  This cypress tree has been on its rocky perch for more than 250 years.

Lone Cypress

Rocky beaches more than sand in many places

A residence seen from the road

Green sea water and colorful ice plant

The way the wind blows

It is complicated

Ghost tree

Trying to imitate a rain forest . . . but not quite there

Lots of very interesting cypress along the route

For Kati and Cory

Lonely Cypress

Brandt's Cormorants trying to dry out

Lonely Cypress

My sea rock waterfall

A nice brick wall has been built to control erosion around the Lonely Cypress

Adorning a golf course

You could spend a full day just driving around in this area and taking photos of trees.

This young lad just kept running away from the incoming waves.  You could tell he was new to the ocean. Each time a wave got close to him he squealed!  I had so much fun just watching him run back and forth.

Caught in the act.  So many tourists in the area and it seems that all of them have a selfie-stick.

Just driving along

Another ghost tree

Lonely Cypress

Love the geometry

Just try paying attention to your golf ball when this is in your sight

Just driving along

Not sure that this tree is all that lonely.  There are many other cypress nearby.

You have to get a photo of at least one sea gull while you are near waves.  It is a rule!!!  I am working on finding one I like.