Salmon Cascades

A short distance from the entrance to the Sol Duc waterfalls there is a simple sign that reads 'Salmon Cascades'.  There is quite a bit of effort going into protecting and in some cases reclaiming the waterways that salmon require to return to the site of their birth to spawn.  We passed on the opportunity to photograph the cascades going in but had a little bit of light left on the return.  We checked it out.

The color of the water really impressed me.  Check out that aquamarine color between the two sets of rocks.  It is so clear that you can see below the surface!

The water is filled with air as it comes over the rocks and looks a bit frothy as it enters the stream below.  My guess is that salmon, jumping up over the rocks would appreciate that extra oxygen.  I wanted to find a golden salmon down there . . . not on this day!

Further downstream

Easier to get slow shots at the end of the day in a forest than rapid 'action' shots.  Just crank up that ISO!

You know, it is harder than heck to shoot in a small space with Tom!  He gets these great shots and in this case you get to see my effort to do what he does.

As we left the park we rounded a curve and there was this entry station bathed in just enough light . . . We actually turned around and went back to get it from the curve.  It was a great, magic-filled day and this image was the icing on our delicious cake!