Sol Duc Waterfall

This wonderful 1.8 mile round trip hike starts at the Hot Springs which is at the end of about a 12 mile drive off Highway 101.  The waterfall is part of the Olympic National Park.  Once again we were thrilled to hike in a temperate rain forest.

I think we exhausted every little, and big, angle for photographing this waterfall.  We still found items along the trail that we thought were photo-worthy.

Looking downstream from the waterfall.

We don't know what this structure was for.  There was no sign to indicate its use.  It was common to see 'shelters' built along many of the hikes.

This couple walked past me and then turned around to apologize.  I told them, "Stand still and you can be an important part of the image and add scale to how big and awesome this place is."  They smiled and agreed to be a part of the scene.

There were several small streams along the path.