Antique Car Tour of the Gorge

The invitation to antique car owners sent out by The Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway noted that to participate, vehicles must be model year 1949 or older and be 'true' antiques (meaning no hot rods or restore rods).  Proper period attire was encouraged. The route took participants from Troutdale to The Dalles along old Highway 30.

In preparation for photographing this event, Tom and I found a spot along the road that he deemed had the right background for these great cars.  But, they came around that curve down the road very fast.  When the first car whizzed by us Tom jumped out of the car and ran to get into position so he would not miss any more.

Tom was the only photographer but he still got a smile and a wave.

Antique cars are not Tom's forte so he is not sure of the make and model of these cars.

There was something very lovely about these old cars cruising down a historic highway.  There were very few other cars on the road.

After all of them had passed us we drove behind them in hopes to be able to photograph them while they were parked at the Vista House, an old building built on a lookout point where you can see miles in either direction along the Columbia River.  They were scrunched into the tiny parking lot that was also shared by tourists.  You could see on people's faces that they were surprised and delighted to get something more than a view of the river!

Being able to parallel park was not listed as a requirement but it sure came in handy.

Lovely lady in period attire.

Hahahahaha!  Let's double park!  What a view!

Three modes of transportation covered here.

Hmmmm . . . . the next stop is?

A personal favorite!

We made sure we left before the tour continued onward.  We discussed getting ahead of them and taking some more photos but we realized that we could be very delayed in getting back to our coach.