Three Creeks Lake

At the end of a dirt road you will find a lovely lake!  In this case, the lake is located south of Sisters and fortunately most of the drive was on pavement.  The camp site was full.  People were fishing, the sky was perfect, and the weather was cool.

Clear, cool water.

Walking along the bank.

I was tempted.

Water running through a meadow along the road.

If you look carefully you can see the creek that Tom photographed above.

There are many sites like this one where there is stark evidence of fire.

In addition to the lake we wanted to get a photo that Tom had in his mind of the Deschutes River flowing between banks with a meadow-like look on each side.  We had checked out several sites but not found what he was looking for.  So, after checking out the lake, we returned to Bend and had our picnic lunch looking over the river and watching people in kayaks, canoes, tubes, and boards enjoy floating down the river.  We left with full bellies to see if we could find the right place.  We ended up driving slowly about 25 miles on washboard roads before giving up and just trying one road that we hoped would lead to a spot in the river that was 'just right'.  It was not the one but we took some photographs anyway.

After nine hours on the road we returned home and ordered pizza.  Great day of shared company.