Just Drivin' up the Hill

With a camera, of course!  While I enjoyed a day with my sister (gads, we can still giggle a lot when it is just the two of us), Tom and Steve headed out for some photo adventure.  Here are some of their photos.  I would imagine, from looking at the images, that they were up above Albuquerque on the mesa and then along I-40.  Enjoy.

Looking down on Albuquerque.

When they guys said they were going for a drive I did not realize they were going to shoot pavement.  LOL!  Nice clouds too.

Getting off the road!  That is Steve and his Jeep.

When you tire of pavement you can shoot the Rio Puerco Bridge with a really wide angle lens!

This is Rob. He purchased his rare Jeep pickup sight unseen and was driving it from Boise back to Dallas when he stopped to shoot this bridge right after Steve and Tom arrived to do the same thing. Rob had found the bridge (same bridge as above) while re-tracing the old original US Route 66. He showed the boys his copy of of the book "EZ 66 Guide for Travelers" by Jerry McClanahan. If you ever take this trip, the book appeared to be a definitive and detailed guide.

Lunch at Laguna Burger, which by the way, I have deemed to have the best green chili cheeseburger EVER!  According to Tom, it is on par with the green chili cheeseburger in San Antonio (off I-25 on the way to Bosque del Apache).  I give the Laguna Burger an extra point because it is close to where we park and not a 90 minute drive to San Antonio.  So, if you head west on I-40 you will find it on the access road that leads off at the Casino at the exit to Tehachapi.  We just noticed on our way to Cortez that there is another Laguna Burger location in, of all places, Laguna, NM.

At the entrance to the RV park we stay at there is a collection of vintage cars and the trailers they might have pulled.  This one is a favorite with Tom and each time we stay he tries to get a better image. 

The guys had fun and I always enjoy sharing their images.  Hope you enjoyed them.