Ranunculus, Ranunculus, Ranunculus

These are the shots from the Ranch at Carlsbad, CA. taken by both Jon and Phyllis. There are 50 acres of ranunculus, grown for cut flowers and seeds, but mainly for the tuberous roots, corms or rhizomes. They are on display from late March to Mothers day. The ranunculus is native to Asia Minor and is in the buttercup family (usually known as Persian Buttercup or Ranunculus Asiatic). The Ranch also has cymbidium orchids, master gardens, a rose garden, a sweet pea maze, and poinsettias. I was told that they did not keep track of who shot what, so I am giving credit collectively to 'Pardoll'.  Plus, they like giving me challenges.  They sent only 30 photos and want me to choose which ones to use.  You already know what I am going to do!  Exactly!!

A special thanks to the collective Pardoll.  I am waiting for rose flowers, sweet pea, more . . . For those who track this sort of thing, they use Nikon P610 cameras (very well).  While mom loved every post, she would take the time to call me on this one.  Flowers were something that really fascinated her.  Her favorite was the sweet pea!