A Daughter's Garden

I have watched Brynn grow as her garden has grown.  It all started about three years ago.  At first the garden was small, orderly and productive.  Now it is a veritable jungle, takes up much more space and is uber productive. She is ably assisted by her best friend Tim.  He inspires her and then delivers on his encouragement by helping her keep it up.  I may be assuming here, but bet he does a lot of heavy lifting!

A gift of love from Brynn's garden.  We took it all home.

Brynn met us at the door with sweat and dirt all over her.  She radiated happiness and life.  She proudly helped us find interesting photo opportunities.  You see, she now practices skillful neglect in her garden.  This means that plants are allowed to go to seed in place (she collects the seed for next year).  It also means that her seasons overlap more than the usual garden.  The tall plants protect the smaller new growth.  You are likely to find carrots anywhere in the garden.  She does not use insecticide, relying instead on pinching off offending predators, loving any visiting lizards and praying mantis.

Shaded by a palm, there are seeding lettuces and, as I recall, some squash coming up underneath. 

A seeding purple romaine (I think).

Well hidden unless you poke around.

I could never get my broccoli to grow past March.  This head seems perfectly happy at the end of April!


Why plant petunias when you can have this?  She actually has started a garden in the front yard.  Gorgeous and productive.

Brynn is happy to take your egg shells.  They add nutrients to her organic garden.

Corn has been planted.

Well hidden!  Bright color helps land it in a salad bowl.

I want to take some of these home!

Swiss chard in April?

Growing edible flowers.

Baby cauliflower, doing well in a shaded corner.

We grazed as we explored the undergrowth.  A white carrot with a big bite out of it!

We took this beauty home!

Palm trunk, used strategically to shade plants.

Tom smiled and asked me if I remembered having one of these. Yes!

My mom loved gardening and I remember many gardens that she tended as I grew up.  She shared her love and advice with Brynn and would have loved to be with us as we spent time in Brynn's garden.  Mom always said that her kids turned out pretty good because she raised them with 'skillful neglect'.  Brynn seems to get that!  There is even a tall 'true' weed growing in her garden.  I did not see her pull it before we left!  We were given a pair of scissors and a big pan to collect what we wanted to take home with us.  "Stay away from plants that are seeding" she said.  "They tend to be bitter, but I like them that way too!"  Me too.