Bearizona Revisited

Can't come to Williams without going to Bearizona.  The gift shop is almost complete and the model train is set up.  New exhibits, new babies, bison shedding their winter coats (sheep too), and best of all spending time with Steve, Greg and Ann.

A South American armadillo.  Much smaller than its American counterpart.

This is an African porcupine that is being trained to perform.  She is six months old and is already doing very well.  Her treats are carrots and apples.  Much like the raptor flight, such activities allow animals to show off and the kids love getting up close.

It was very cold yesterday and I bet this sheep was glad that the whole coat had not been shed.

Going down.

Gentle landing?

First set of antlers. 

Brother and sister just playing around.

"What?  Me, steal a carrot?"

Napping sitting up.  Or . . . Zen bear!

If you are a favorite bear and you die at Bearizona you get to come back and be on display in the gift shop!

Same for buffalo.

A very large miniature train set is on display in the gift shop.  Lots of fun for photographers when they either tire of the animals or get so cold outside that photographing in the gift shop seems like a really good idea.

Steve practicing his panning technique on a small object!

If you plan on going to the Grand Canyon this summer, please set aside a day to spend at Bearizona. Thanks for stopping by.