South Rim Again

Yep, we went back.  We will again!  We started at Mather Point, rode the bus to the Village for lunch and then got back in the car and headed to the east end of the South Rim to the Watchtower.  Our goal, again, was to capture some golden sun on the tower. Of course, we stopped along the way.  We hope you enjoy our fun.

From the Village.

A three image pano taken looking northeast from the Watchtower.

Another northeast shot.

Steps up the Watchtower.  You can go in, go up the stairs and get some very different views from the inside and top of the tower.

The Gift Shop and Cafe at the Watchtower.  You can get a pretty good bowl of chili with chopped onions and cheese and a side of bread for $3.75!  Hours are 8 to 8.

As we stood within inches of each other on the edge of the canyon with each of our 'black noses' pointed in the same direction, we laughed at the comment that all of our shots would look alike.  Yet, that is the way it was all day.  Personally, I felt a tremendous amount of support among good friends.  I also felt that being in each other's presence contributed to our effort to capture the best images.  The following photos are testimony to how many ways scene can be interpreted by any photographer.  The light changed very quickly, lens and setting selections varied and then there is the post processing . . .

I can hardly wait to go back!