The Art of Bugatti


The Mullin Automotive Museum opened a new show they titled "The Art of Bugatti".  It was an comprehensive look at more than a century of the Bugatti family's art and automotive creativity.  While automotive enthusiasts relate the Bugatti name with cars, the reality is that the Italian-born, French based Bugatti family had accomplished sculptors, painters, furniture makers and yes, car builders.  The art of a Bugatti car is not accidental.  Tom and Jerry attended the show on its last day.

This is my favorite car EVER!!!  I asked Tom to buy it for me. I would wear makeup to ride in this car.

This is the back of the car above.  I am so in love with this car.

Starting with Carlo Bugatti, the family patriarch who studied art in Milan and Paris in the 1870s, each subsequent generation had at least one or more successful artists.  The most notable artist was Etore, the founder of the Bugatti car company.  

I have put the posted signs of the history of the Schlumpf Reserve Collection so you can read the details if you are interested.