Spring at the Zoo

Phyllis, Barbara, Jon and Rick spent some quality time at the Phoenix Zoo. They share their photos with the rest of us.  I have put all the photos of Bess and her family together.  Bess was born in 1979 and is the mother of Kasih, born in 2006 and Jiwa, born last September.  Michael, born in 1987, is the father of both offspring.  In just the last week or so, Kasih has been allowed to join her mother and baby brother, Jiwa.  The interactions between family members is quite remarkable.

That little hand . . .  Older sister looking on . . . Bess in protective mode.


Bess is known for liking to get up close to the glass, especially for children.

For some other zoo photos . . . Equally interesting!

Different angle.

Looking for a place to shoot this weekend?  Well, spring is in the air and there are babies everywhere . . . at the Phoenix Zoo!  A very special thanks to the photographers.  You made my day!