Kodachrome State Park

Located in Southern Utah, this wonderful photographic opportunity was next on Ann and Greg's four day journey.  Ann, who won't admit she is a photographer, is going to have a very difficult time now to convince anyone of that in the future.  I have not been to Kodachrome so these images piqued my interest in going.  I hope they do the same for you.

Often we look at big picture panoramas and love a place.  Then, when we actually get there we see the most amazing details that dazzle and we realize what we missed in the big picture.  The challenge, I find, is that if I was not there I cannot put the details in the context I want.  I wonder how many times I have done that in a blog, not realizing the challenge.  Ann made me think about that with this lovely detail.  I am going to Kodachrome and look for it!

At first I thought this might be a wall.  Then I saw the shoe prints!!  MUD?  Hahaha!

Could be a bear den!  Or fox, or snake . . . 

This would be an excellent photo to be used as texture, if you are into texturizing images in Photoshop.  OK, know that is not many of you, but it is fun, especially if you have your own images.

Bet they have ice and beer.

These might be the cabins where Greg and Ann stayed.  He called them the Red Stone cabins and said they were nice and had the added benefit of being in the park.  

Thank you to Ann and Greg.  Nice shares!!  Where is Lefty?