Roadside Relics

I have driven between Phoenix and Albuquerque dozens of times.  Too many times, actually, to count.  I have seen Twin Arrows and other 'relic' sites every time.  But, I have never stopped to explore locations that might have been photo opportunities along the way.  Shame on me.  I have given in to 'being in a hurry'.  Or, maybe just too scared to stop and explore what might have turned into a spooky 'shoot'.  Well, Tom stopped along the way on his last trip from Phoenix to Albuquerque.  He shares some of his best shots of Twin Arrows, an abandoned camp site and a 'mountain lion' building. Now I want to stop too!!  Not only at these sites but at some others I have noticed along the way.

Humphrey's Peak out the door!

I am sure this has a STORY!

Before Sunset Point on the way.

Looking down Central Avenue, across downtown Albuquerque towards Sandia Mountain.  Not too far down the road is a KFC where Tom picked up our dinner.

Note to self . . . don't be so hesitant to wander off the road!