Redo Da Zoo

How many times can a photographer go to the Phoenix Zoo and then say they are done forever?  By my estimate that is a number that is too large to comprehend!  Enjoy these awesome images by three lovely ladies that hiked for us, that clicked away for us and then generously shared.

I know.  You were expecting a photo of Jiwa.  That is included below.  But, just look at this image!  God is wondrous.  She understands beauty in a way that only a Mother could express.

She also has a sense of humor!

No, not a peacock am I!  But they can't run like me either.

I'm so pretty, so very pretty . . . . is there a song like that?  Sort of?

Jiwa, is this a toddler look or what?

A little bit more to the left, please.

My mama loves me!  Really!!

Ahem, dear photographer, you are a bit close . . . 

Mom!!!  Mom!!! Come here.

New yoga position . . . 

Wow!  A very special thanks to these lovely ladies for sharing.  And a thanks to you for checking and and enjoying!