A Horseshoe, An Antelope and a Toadstool

Karen and Dave just got home from an epic weekend trip and they are sharing their images with us! I'll bet these images will make you grab your camera and GO!

The iconic shot!  Well done.


A place where just six inches either way gives you a different look.

Not Tom's fisheye . . . 50mm!!

I love Antelope Canyon.  It is a magical place.

Dave under a toad stool!

I would be smiling too if I were there.

We are advised to get 'down' and shoot . . . a bit extreme here!

I think the logic is that if you are going to shoot all day you might as well squeeze in some night shooting as well!  They were camped out close to the edge of Horseshoe Bend.

A warm heartfelt thanks to both Dave and Karen for generously sharing their images.