Sunrise on Lake Auger

This time our drive was up Gap of Dunloe from the south to catch the sunrise on Lake Auger.  The site was so beautiful and serene that I considered the option of just sitting quietly and watching the sun.  "Ignore the camera!", I thought.  Nah!

Just imagine sitting quietly on the shore.  Oh, and this reminds me. . . I am looking for a graduated neutral density lens that had a triangle as the grad.  It would have come in so handy on this trip.  Let me know if they exist.

Tom said that this composition should just have the rocks at the bottom. . . . hmmm . . . .  I remember Daragh's advice on composition, "Try to get it right in the camera."  Maybe I should have taken two shots instead.

As you can imagine, almost all of our sites had many compositional opportunities.  And seldom did we have to work around people.

From our sunrise spot we crossed the bridge to the other side where the water was leaving the lake.  More green!

I may have mentioned the roads . . . this is a two way road!  Tom took this from the front seat of our van.  Drivers are polite and work it out.  Sometimes we backed up, sometimes we just squeaked by and sometimes we just slowed down.  Some drivers are so close that they pull their side mirrors in!  And, big tour busses take these roads!!  There are few pullouts.

Sheep on the other hand, can have the whole road to themselves.  The dye you see is used to identify ownership.  Daragh had some fun telling us that it let people know how tame and docile the sheep were . . . or not.  Blues were supposed to be docile and reds were supposed to be very aggressive.  This is one confused sheep, prancing as he walked towards us.

More abandoned buildings.

Patty played the model in my frame.

Yep, that was the road! 

Sometime Sunday we stopped at the Muckross House.  Lovely and crowded with families enjoying a pleasant fall day.  This house faces a beautiful lake.

After our morning shoot we headed back to the hotel for a lavish breakfast bar, to pack up and then head to Dingle where we would stay for the next two nights.  Our sunset shot took place on a beach in Sleah Head.  It just keeps getting better!