So, Where Are We?

Well, in Ireland, for sure.  This is a frequent question of mine for Daragh.  The first several days were so overcast that I had trouble finding a sun to guide me.  Plus, off the beaten path and all  the nooks and crannies that we were exploring sometimes had me turned 'round!  These images were shot in an area that Daragh calls Black Valley.  I could not find it on the map.  It is within reasonable driving distance of Kallarney.

Off the road, a short distance, a creek.  Just what Daragh had in mind to discuss reflections.  In this case, I was using a strong 10 stop ND filter to cut the water's movement.

Fortunately it was dark enough to get some still water with a fisheye (does not handle filters well.  The trade off was a much broader view that got in the ferns.

This is peat.  It is dug up and dried to be used as fuel.  

This is 'bog'.  I have a real understanding now of the term, 'don't get bogged down'!  I have fallen on this uneven terrain more times than I care to admit.  One has to see where one is stepping, or even that there is water in the shallows between the grass clumps.  Soaking wet boots is the outcome, right along with a wet 'bun' and or knees.  So far, no serious damage to body, or most importantly, camera gear.  I have provided the group a good amount of giggles once they realize I am going to be OK.

Roadside flowers.  Very common everywhere.

Look carefully, you can see the line.  He is fly-fishing and catching.

By the end of the second day we both felt like we were better prepared for some more serious shooting.  Daragh had it all planned.  His patient, but persistent, instruction had gone far in making us slower and more attentive photographers.  Everyone was starting to use manual exposure control, paying attention to focus and avoiding the dreaded 'blinkies'.  All that is good because the next several days promise to be full of more challenging photo opportunities.