Lost Dutchman Park

Hot!  Nonetheless, five hearty souls actually paid to get into the park with visions of a great Golden Hour shot of the Superstition Mountain's west face.  We hoped for clouds.  Oh well!   You can watch a short time-lapse of clouds forming and drifting over the Superstitions on my time-lapse page in this website. We got there early to do the time-lapse (read that as more sweating)!

I have been to this spot many times.  Even parked in the same place.  But, the mountain is NEVER the same!!  You can move 10 feet and walk down a short path and all of a sudden the view changes!

We hope you enjoy our trek.  We did.

Did you notice the pretty pink flowers?  I had a very wide lens on when I captured my shot and Rick was sporting his macro lens.  I asked him to come get a photo of the flower. Now that, folks, is a cholla flower!  In August!

TD Superstition Mountain Range 4.jpg

One of the magical things about this site is that you can look at the mountain in the gold light and then turn around and get the same gold in a sunset.

We will return to the Superstitions.  Next time we are headed to the Three Sisters and the Peralta Trail.  After it cools off!  Tomorrow we are going back to the Mogollon Rim.  We will have Rick and Barbara with us and the weather forecast is for a slight chance of thunderstorms. Bummer!!!  LOL.

Stay tuned.  Hope the rest of your week is sublimely perfect in every way.