Badger Springs Wash Awash

A number of friends have hiked Badger Springs Wash with me.  It is an easy and popular hike, pretty flat and cooler down in the canyon than up at the ridge.  The variety of birds, plants and rocks make it interesting every time you go.  I have always wanted to hike it after a good soaking rain.  Common sense would suggest that the water going over the rocks would make for interesting photography!!  So, yesterday I decided the day had arrived for hiking the wash!  Drum roll please!!  LOL  All shot with Nikon D800, Tamron 24-70mm lens and NO tripod.  I went with one camera/lens and an umbrella.

First off, I had to park quite some distance from the trailhead because the road had flooded and there were deep ruts.  Not Prius friendly.  Second, the usually easy path was a bit more of a challenge with downed trees and very soft sand that I sank in.  It was worth every step.

Along the road I chose not to take with my Prius.

Everything is clean and the color more intense than usual, well except for the sky which is in white out mode.  

In the middle, way to the back, you can spot the side of the mountain that is my destination. In other words, I am still a long way from where the Agua Fria River meets Little Bug Creek. 

Think of sinking tennies.

By now I have sunk deep into the sand several times.  My shoes are filled with small rocks and fine sand.  That back ridge, my destination did not appear to be getting closer and the debris was making this hike more uncomfortable.  Hey, no pain no gain!  Right?

I remember cleverly thinking that when I got to the river I could rinse out my shoes, clean off my feet.  But, then there was the hike back!  Sinking was going to happen again and again.  I was walking on this stuff inside my shoes.

By now stubbornness is setting in.  My folly is making me laugh and I console myself in that I will not need a pedicure to get rid of summer's dry skin!  I am in awe of the colors, the smell of 'wet' and the sounds of birds that are out celebrating that rain has gone from downpour to sprinkle.

I can hear some roaring of water over rocks.  I am getting excited!  I am also slipping and sliding more often!  Notably, I am keeping the camera up in the air each time.

Here!!  This shows the river heading westward towards Black Canyon City.  For those who have hiked this trail, the rocks in the upper right are the ones we hand out on with tripods,  I have never seen them with water this high.  They are not accessible.  The water is moving very quickly and is extremely muddy.  That middle are is nothing but super slippery mud.  I ended up climbing up backwards on my butt, moving my camera back over and over again out of danger as I went. 

Note here . . . . camera is fine.

Whoa!  This is a different view!

I stayed on the banks for a while.  I was resting and trying to rinse out my shoes in the muddy water. I did take some video on my phone but for whatever reason I never thought of taking any video on my camera.  The quality would have been so much better out of my camera and the resulting iPhone video just does not cut it!!  As I headed back I was grateful to have had the opportunity to witness how nature destroys while renewing.  My relatively clean shoes lasted just five minutes!  It had stopped sprinkling, the sun was peeking through in places.  Life is very good.

Above the bank of the river, the petroglyphs are still safe.

Walking out I see things I missed going in.  Makes the hike back a new hike.

Check back this weekend.  I will make full use of this rain!

Datura thrives along this sandy path.  

Have never seen the flowers before.  These are usually brown and brittle . . . Wow!  I had no idea how gorgeous these teeny tiny blossoms are, now covered with water droplets.

From the trailhead to the car was a long walk with soaked sand filled shoes.  But, I could look back and smile.  The sun was shining through.  Way at the back I could see where I had been.

I hope you enjoyed my "illustrated" story.  This would be a great hike this weekend if it gets no more rain.  The sand would not be as treacherous, although the debris would still be there.  I suspect the river will still be running pretty high. Take a walking stick and shoes that can get wet.  Let me know how it looks.