From Lake to Candy Apples

What seemed like a great idea was, in fact, a very fun filled day.  Off to Prescott with our first stop at Watson Lake.  Weather was perfect.  Companionship more so.

This is one of many examples why this lake is also known as Mirror Lake.

Rick took this one.  It is the transition point between the rocky part and the serene riparian part of this incredible lake.

For all the color at the lake, the dynamic range and contrast suggests a B&W would work.

I am still trying to figure out if Tom flipped this image horizontally.  I think so.  Agree?

Photographers are drawn to the rocky side of Watson Lake.  I think that is because it looks so surreal, especially in unusual lighting and weather.  But, to the south of the rocks is a much different look, almost pastoral and peaceful. On the far end of the lake is an area for hiking in a developing riparian.  It even features a red wooden bridge!  So, if you ever get tired of the rocks, take a hike among the cottonwoods. Oh, and we noticed, long before reaching the lake, that the whole area was really green.  All that summer rain is making for some good photography.

We had a picnic at the lake before heading into what we knew would be a crowded town square. But, before we could even reach the highway, Rick and group spotted an unusually colored tree.  Out come the cameras.  What fun.

Once Tom took out his fish-eye lens I put my camera away!  I am going to hide that lens.  LOL

 The Mountain Artists were showing off on the square.  There was live entertainment and families and their pets everywhere.  Not the mention food!  What fun to shoot such a crowded colorful event.

This lady was showing how to spin a thread from the ball of wool on her lap.

An old sock knitting machine.  It is a collector's item as the company went out of business long ago.  The knitter showed me how she can turn the heels (I know mom would love one of these). Most interesting.

Some folks know  how to picnic in the park.

Finally, on the way home there was a 'Stop!" request.

It was such a great day and we thank you for joining us.  A special thanks to all the friend/photographers that joined up to make it such a special day.  Plus, a really big thanks for getting me images in such a short time frame.  Must tell you that they are a dedicated group.