A good song to play while scrolling down this blog entry would be "Downtown" by Petula Clark!

My brother came into town to celebrate with us the college graduation of my daughter, Erica. When asked what he might want to do, he chose to ride the Light Rail into downtown Phoenix (unlimited day for $3). Here are a few of our photos. One important thing I noticed was the idea of lines, reflections, angles, and art.

There is no metadata this time. Just sit back and enjoy and if the spirit moves you, head downtown on the light rail, to shoot. The downtown area of Phoenix in RICH in photo opps.  Go for it.

This first photo was shot in the courtyard of the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral just off Central on Roosevelt.

There is a sculpture that bears witness to the violence in our community.  It is forged with confiscated weapons and is clearly visible from the Light Rail stop at Roosevelt.

We spotted a mural on the wall of what might be an apartment building. Or?

Tom's secret for success in shooting murals . . . fisheye!!




 I dunno . . . this looks a bit fishy to me!  LOL



Reflections make these images even more multidimmensional than the already are!

Steve took this from the parking garage across from the Comerica Theatre where Erica's graduation ceremony was held. The spring bloom on the trees add a sense of renewal in spite of the flag at half mast.

Tom is messing with me on this one!!  It is from an earlier shoot but I love it even though I have not figured it out.


There is art by Light Rail stations and color lined up just for your camera sensor.

This is a local 'information station'.

Finally, even black and white works.  This image from the stone art at Central and Camelback.

We could have spent much more time downtown, but a graduation party was in the works and we willingly left a whole bunch of photos for another day. There are plenty left for you.