Boyce Thompson Arboretum

As expected . . . no good fall colors yet!  The very best part of the day was spending it with two very close friends and, as it turned out, we got in more visiting than shooting!  Perfect!  Since the big stuff looked rather summer weary and dusty, we focused on the smaller items.  When we were told that there were lots of butterflies in the Children's Garden we were on the case!  Of course, so were the children and they were in the way!

Enjoy our leisurely stroll knowing that we only made it as far as the butterflies.  After that, we decided it was time for a Porter's hamburger or sandwich in Superior.  For those not yet let in on our big secret . . . Porter's has the best hamburgers and fries and they have now expanded with a shaded patio.  If you even get close to the place at any time you really must stop in and check out this eatery.

These butterflies are wild and free.

Feather cactus.  So gorgeous.  It was a day of experimentation and this was taken with an older manual focus 55mm Nikkor Micro lens at f/5.6.

This Desert Rose is sending out a request for lady bugs ASAP, please. It hurt to even edit this photo.

A datura.

Haha!  I imagined this was the layering for weather option!  

We were hunting for something that looked Christmasy.  We thought these would do and after 50 or so photos  . . . you know our drill.  Now we have to decide which one to use on a Christmas card.  Am glad I don't have to choose because she took many good photos

Same lens as above.  Both shot handheld with Nikon Df camera.

Every time I go to the Arboretum I get trapped by these lovely ice plant flowers.  I must have dozens of photos of them and not a one captures what I see there.

Bishop's Cap Cactus

We asked as we left when the staff felt the best fall colors would be filling the Arboretum.  We were told that at the end of the month, the weekend after Thanksgiving.  And to celebrate, it will be a weekend with live music and other festivities.  Great place to take out of town guests.