North Rim of Grand Canyon

Once we reached Jacob Lake we felt like we were on the home stretch.  The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is only 10 miles, as the crow flies, from the South Rim.  But, right away we felt the difference.  One difference is the altitude.  It is higher!  It sits an the Kaibab Plateau between 8,000 and 9,000 feet above sea level.  This area is covered with conifers and aspen.  The pace is different as well with fewer people, easy parking and access to points of interest.  It was well worth the long drive through gorgeous terrain!

Just like David described, aspens around broad meadows!

All stages of ready and getting ready to show off.

New growth in an old burned out area.  

Along the tree line we saw two separate groups of deer. 

We went for the colors of fall, specifically the aspen yellow and orange.  But, there are so many interesting trees that the aspen's gold slowly lost out as being the most interesting.

Fill flash and a fisheye!

We took the tourist route, starting at Point Imperial (image below) and the driving to Cape Royal for our sunset shot.  It was a good choice.  As you will notice, with four photographers, there were different interpretations of any scene.

This image really shows the height difference between the North and South Rim.

Cape Royal, a great location for a sunset shot.  This was taken early in the Golden Hour.  Already beautiful, the sun is going to do some magic on this rock!

The following morning we returned to the North Rim, dropped Ann off for her hike down the Kaibab Trail and then went to the Visitor Center and the Grand Canyon Lodge.  There is a relatively easy trail along the rim which we hiked for a short time.  The weather was perfect!

Prominent exhibit at the Lodge.  Pack animals continue to play a significant role in Grand Canyon activities.

The Lodge reminded me of another era's interpretation of luxury.  No, I did not intend to get in Tom's shot.  I was there first (I think). Behind Tom were huge windows offering up a panoramic view of the Canyon.

This last set of images were all taken by Ann.  She is the hiker!  She does not care for taking photographs but we talked her into taking her seldom used point and shoot on her hike down Kaibab Trail.  She hiked 5 miles, roundtrip.  We dropped her off and picked her up 2.5 hours later.  Aside from hiking, Ann loves meeting folks along the trail.  There are two prominent features to be noted.  One is the bridge where Rim to Rim hikers cross the river.  The second is the tunnel where the hiker's path cuts through the mountain.  I am proud to tell you that Ann has made 12 Rim to Rim hikes!  She is a trooper in taking photos for us . . . stopping, getting the camera out, etc. all takes time from her hiking.  We appreciate the view she gives us.

All animals have the right of way, in either direction.

Yep, that is Ann.  Taken by a new friend found along the trail.

We met up with Ann, had a picnic lunch along the rim and headed home.  What a weekend!!  If you have not been to the North Rim . . . put that on your list for next year.  The Rim is set to close with the first serious winter storm.  Lodges and campgrounds  plan on closing about the middle of October.