Watson Lake is Full

Summer rains have filled Watson Lake.  No bathtub ring!  Water extends well into the riparian to the south of the lake.  And, the water is very blue!  Rock islands are submerged.  Trees are standing in water.  Even smaller details have changed with the extra water.  The lichen is alive!  Flowering plants are growing out of cracks.  All seems new!! 

This one is for Cory.

With the many surprises at every turn, you can imagine my delight in finding this lovely snake.  It stretched out over 60 feet.  I tried my wide angle lens but I could not get up high enough to get it all in.  So, I pulled out the fisheye to get the job done.  I hope it is still there when you go to see the lake.

We checked out Willow Lake from the road on our way to lunch.  It also has much more water. I hope you can get to Prescott before the bathtub rings return.  The lakes are simply wonderful.  After lunch we drove to Williams to spend the night with friends and then take off early for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Thanks for joining us.