We are off to Rocky Mountain National Park

Yes!!!  We are going to get there!  But, you know how it is . . . so many wonderful sites.  It started off with shooting the morning sunrise light at Dillon Reservoir. Then, it just got better.

As the morning wore on a bit the golds mellowed out but the blues were really nice.

We stopped at a pull out to look 'over the edge'.  We heard a train whistle and saw smoke.  MGOSH!!  Tom was ready to shoot.  I was not.  Whew!  At least one of us is thinking!

This is called the Georgetown Loop Railroad.  He got the photo of the train on the first bridge and before we could get back into the car he noticed that it was going to cross another, higher bridge just up the creek. Nice!


Back in the car and on the road again.  We stopped at another reservoir with a really big lake.  I have forgotten its name but the weather was memorable.  Tom went into the small grocery store and came back out for his camera.  "You just gotta see the inside," he said.  Here is what he saw.

If you walk around the grocery to the front side facing the lake . . .

I walked down to the Marina and looked across the lake.  Yep, we were going to get rained on again!  Just love it.

As I headed back to the car I got dive bombed by small birds that I thought looked an awful lot like swallows. In Colorado?  Hmmm . . . I looked up.

Every pullout or shot taken from the car just got us more and more excited about getting to Rocky Mountain National Park.  All we had heard was that it was better than better.  Better than this?

After a quick fast food lunch we agreed to stay the course and not stop unless the opportunity was really worth it!  We did pretty good.  

Shots of our first drive through of the Trail Ridge Road will be posted later, hopefully today.  Rocky Mountain National Forest was not on my bucket list.  What I might have missed.  We are going back again before we leave the area.

Missing all our friends.  Have heard from several of you and we appreciate your being with is in spirit.

Be well.  Shoot often.