Last Leg - Morenci Mine

As I write this post I keep hearing Jon's voice, "This is INCREDIBLE!!!"  There is just no way to show the full size, scope and environmental impact of this mine. Maybe an aerial photograph would be a start.  Nope, it would take more than that.

The image below is a panorama stitched from three separate images using PhotoShop. All images were shot with a 70-300mm long lens at 70mm.




This is another one of those photographs that looks like a watercolor painting to me. With a point and shoot!


Now that I look at it again . . . could be another watercolor!


Then, just when we thought we were all shot out, hungry and ready to just zone out on our way to lunch . . . we round the corner and spot these magnificent animals right along the road. You would have laughed watching us jump out of the car all re-energized to shoot. Lunch? Who needs it?

It was only later that we saw the warning/caution sign for bighorn sheep.


We want to go back down the Trail next spring.  Save your pennies and lets all go in a grand caravan style outing.  We left many photos for a future trip.