Second Leg - Salt River Canyon

We left Ray Mine behind and started up the slow and curving road of the Salt River Canyon towards Springerville.  If you have never driven this stretch of beauty . . . well, it is time to check it out.




Below is an example of how multiple photographers at the same location can spread out and come up with different views of the same view! Moving just 10 feet can change the composition, even the focus or interest point.






I asked Tom, "What is that white thing?"  He told me that is how the fisheye lens interprets a sun setting over the mountain. OK. . . That lens may explain my car's sudden squashed look!!! I do like the late afternoon gold on the mountain. Not so sure about the car, however. Tom does not hesitate in taking artistic license.

The light was slipping into nautical hour before we reached the outskirts of Springerville.  There we encountered hundreds of tricker treaters and small goblins! We looked forward to a good night of sleep knowing that the Coronado Trail was waiting for us. That is our next post.