Shore Acres

Shore Acres is a short drive from Coos Bay and takes one out to the coast to a most interesting area.  Here the rocks are unique and the waves forceful as they beat against rocks and cliffs.  In addition, there is a botanical garden in the same park - free entry!  We spent most of the day there.


Right away I wanted to videotape the waves.  I am such a beginner and it quickly becomes apparent as I set things up.  You could have chuckle just watching!  I taped several sites and put snippets of several of them together to share.  Warning, it is over 11 minutes long, but if you want to sit back and enjoy Shores Acres, here is your chance.

Recorded with Nikon D800 and processed in Final Cut.

The garden gave me my flower fix!


On the way back we stopped to photograph the Cape Arago lighthouse.  Since we were not up for a long hike, we photographed it from across a narrow bay.

Loved this lonely tree just growing on top of a jutting rock.  It is across from the lighthouse.

We sat for a long time on a bench overlooking the ocean below us. Unusual for us to just sit and watch!! But, Tom eventually took up his camera and memorialized our view.  Bet the sunset was grand.

Finally, you know you need help when you walk back into your room and say, "Grab your camera.  There is an interesting bug on the door." Tom just happened to have his fisheye mounted . . . 

We are headed towards Bandon and Coquillel this morning. At some point in our day we will decide where we want to sleep tonight.

Wishing you a great week ahead. If you can, sneak in a photo shot.  Then send me one of yours!