I love Farmers' Markets!  Every Thursday there is a market in a local park in Sierra Vista. This past Thursday I I encountered an unusual vendor . . . she was selling mushrooms that she raised. What a visual delight was spread in front of me! She was selling 'clumps' of Oysters' and huge Chanterelles. I gently picked up a cluster of oysters. Price? $4!!!! A large Chanterelle was $2. Imagine me doing a happy dance. I saw an afternoon of fun with my camera. But that is just part of the story.  Steve offered to assist me in a makeshift studio with one LED light cube, a reflector that was really a plastic top to a tub and a dark drop cloth, all set on my small dinette. We had more fun than toddlers with a pan and wooden spoon. Please note, I had fun ramping up all sorts of settings in post processing. I was told the Oysters were 'blue' but it did not show up until I barely touched the saturation slider! I hope you enjoy our fun..

Farmers' Market Mushrooms-4-1.jpg
Farmers' Market Mushrooms-11-2.jpg
Farmers' Market Mushrooms-14-3.jpg
Farmers' Market Mushrooms-17-4.jpg
Farmers' Market Mushrooms-17-5.jpg
Farmers' Market Mushrooms-24-6.jpg
Farmers' Market Mushrooms-33-7.jpg